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Our expert account managers here at IPS have a fountain of knowledge when it comes to branding telescopic umbrellas. Telescopic umbrellas are an excellent and effective practical giveaway to customers. If you are looking to give away a branded product to customers and you don't want them to feel like you have just got a cheap bulk deal on pens with your companies logo on, telescopic umbrellas are the way to go. Whilst the recipient of the branded umbrella is sheltering them self away from the Wintry Showers, your companies brand is finding its way onto high streets and is being noticed by passing traffic and the general public. Its a win-win situation, you are showing your customers that they are valued, whilst promoting your brand as a permanent advertisement that is much cheaper than a shop window advertisement. Here at IPS, we can provide you with the perfect telescopic umbrella to suit your personal preference, you brand guidelines and your budget. We stock a large range of telescopic umbrellas in a large variety of styles, all waiting to be branded with your design, from curve handles and straight handles, to wooden, soft touch and plastic handles. Print up to 8 panels with the colour and design of your choice on each panel. Telescopic Umbrellas, the perfect and practical giveaway at events, to clients and to show your appreciation to members of staff. Foldaway until a rainy day!

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